Associate Creative Director / Writer

True story.


I’m addicted to making lemonade.

When I bought a sputtering 1969 Chevy Nova on my 15th birthday, my dad and I spent the next year rebuilding it into the muscle car of my dreams.

When the high school talent show rejected our comedy sketch, my best friend and I rented out a local theater and proceeded to write, direct, produce, and star in our own sold-out show.

When my college band couldn’t book gigs without a demo, we downloaded GarageBand on an iMac G4 and spent the summer recording our debut album in a spare bedroom.

And when I heard I had to go to portfolio school to make it in advertising, I went to Kinko’s and bound together some essays, songs, and spec ads into my “Free-lance Portfolio.” The CD I interviewed with looked at the cover and said, “There’s no hyphen in freelance. You’ve got two weeks to prove yourself.”

I’ve been pretending to know what I’m doing for over a decade now. Somehow I’ve been lucky enough to create award-winning work with some truly amazing people. As a creative and a leader, I focus on positive energy. I hit a natural state of flow when I'm making things happen, presenting ideas, and winning people over.

I love this shit, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. There’s still no bigger thrill than creating something from nothing.